Our Short History

AUXO Media is a Boutique Business Consulting company based in Cork, Ireland. Our mission is to help local small and medium sized companies overcome social media and make an impact online.

About Us

AUXO Media is a Boutique Business Consultancy
agency based in Co. Cork, Ireland that is
dedicated to delivering results online.
We specialise in creating engaging, high-quality
content. We do this to attract and engage
potential clients and customers to your business.
We approach online growth with a different
perspective to our competitors. We do this by
focusing on numbers. With a background in
Finance and over 20 years of combined
experience, we know that we can deliver the
results that your business needs to grow online.
We want to work with ambitious businesses that
want real results.


It is estimated by Statista that global e-retail
revenues are projected to grow to €4.5 Billion by
2022. Additionally, Global e-commerce sales were
up 38% in the first quarter of 2021 when
compared to 2020. However, it is estimated that
31% of Irish SME’s do not have an online presence.
What does this mean? Simply put, if your
business is not online, or worse, if your business is
online but is not active it can be detrimental to
the growth of your business.
The fastest growing segment of the internet is
mobile social media users, so let us help you scale
your business, drive results and build long-lasting
customers by targeting this market.


The average amount of followers we gain every month for each of our clients. Increasing your potential customers.

We have brought digital
e-commerce clients from
zero sales to €9,500 per
month. Increasing your

0 %

The increase in content interactions within the first month of working with us. Increasing the amount of potential clients for your business.

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